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A Third Sneak Peek in Fallen Souls!

A Third Sneak Peek in Fallen Souls!

 In case you weren’t happy enough on this lovely Friday afternoon, here’s a little treat my publisher just sent over! I just love sneak peeks 🙂 Enjoy!



          The cold night air swept through Ash’s hair and across his face, tugging him awake. His head pounded, and his thoughts were foggy. They started to come together slowly, but not enough to recall anything tangible. There was something he needed to remember, he was sure. Something important. But his head hurt and he was cold, making it harder to think. He wasn’t even sure where he was.

            He tried to blink, but couldn’t get his eyes to open at all. There was a ringing in his ears, and a terrible pounding at his temples. I must be hung over, he thought, though this was far worse than any hangover he’d ever had. He groaned and tried to move, but a horrible pain shot through his head and down the entire right side of his body. He’d barely managed to open one eye when he saw him.

            Red eyes stared at him, glowing like embers. Below them, a wide grin stretched across a gaunt face. Ash gasped. He knew this man, but the recognition slipped through his mind like a shadow. There was a solid thought there, but every time he attempted to pull it to the front, it vanished. He tried to sit up, desperate to get away from the man and his never-ending gaze, but his arm gave out and he ended up slamming right back down onto the … pavement? His mind grew fuzzy again at the thought, but he tried to focus, to take in his surroundings. Bright lights appeared, highlighting the landscape around him, and he gasped. The forest. The road.

            He looked up, wiping an unidentifiable liquid from his eyes, and found that the man was now standing right over him. He leaned down, his breath falling on Ash’s face. 

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