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Why Colorado is the Best/ Reasons for Carrie to move to Colorado

Why Colorado is the Best/ Reasons for Carrie to move to Colorado

I have lived in Colorado my entire life. I was born in Vail. I grew up, and will probably forever live, in Aurora. For those who don’t know, that’s right outside of Denver. Lately, my publisher has been telling me to write more blogs about Colorado, because I’m a shy person and I don’t like to talk about myself. Plus Colorado is awesome, so surely I could talk about that! Then she made a comment that she was thinking about possibly moving to Colorado, and that I could do a whole series of blogs, trying to convince her to do so.

Challenge accepted!!!

Two birds, one stone. So get ready because here is my first list of reasons  Carrie should move to Colorado, and the reasons I love it here—all in one perfect little package.


Reason #1 to move to Colorado: Me. I’m awesome. Colorado is awesome. The list should be able to stop here, but I guess I can continue for those not satisfied with this motive alone. Though boo on you for not appreciating what I’m bringing to the table.

Reason #2 to move to Colorado: How else do you people know where West is without this awesome view? Yeah, yeah. You live in California, Carrie, and you have the ocean, but when you are thirty miles away from that ocean what does it really do for you? In Colorado, it doesn’t matter how far away you live from the mountains! At fourteen thousand feet, you can see those bad boys from anywhere in the state! mountains

Reason #3 to move to Colorado: Colorado Springs. I’m going to wrap up all the awesome attractions of this city in one neat little list. Here we go! You have Garden of the Gods, which is so scenic, and never the same twice. The pictures say it all. Seven Falls, where you get to walk up 224 steps of Hell to make it to one very short hike of wonder. Sure, the steps look sketchy and it’s flooded most the year, but trust me, you’ll love it. Cave of the Winds! My favorite. Small spaces, beautiful rock formations, smaller spaces. Wait what? I have to crawl? *Big Grin* Yeah, totally worth it. Don’t worry—they have an easy hike for those who are claustrophobic. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. A yearly trip for my family, where you get to interact with a lot of animals. Plus it’s not like one of those fancy ground-level zoos. No, no, no. They built it into the side of a foothill, so you better to able to walk up and down that foothill if you want to see the cool animals. If you drive through it, you are dead to me. Man up! I’ll stop there, but know that this one town holds more attractions than you see do in a week! (In order Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cave of the Winds, and Seven Falls.)


Reason #4 to move to Colorado: The activities. It’s not just the attractions. You want to go rafting down a nice, calm river? Ha, ha, ha. No. That river that looked nice and happy, and a cool place to tan just turned into a level three rapid. Oops. Disclaimer! I didn’t know it was illegal to go down that river in inner tubes, which I may or may not have done… There is no picture evidence of said river, just the tubes hanging out on a car that may or may not be mine. So Instead, here are some pictures of other people that I’m sure went down the river the way the law requires them to. Other, less-illegal activities include hot springs in any direction you go, hiking in in direction you go on the west side of the state, and skiing/snowboarding anywhere with a small hill or mountain. Seriously, YouTube it: people will snowboard anything.


Reason #5 to move to Colorado: We have the second most microbreweries, behind…. California… Darn, never mind. Our breweries are better than yours in a study my husband conducted by not going to California. Though he would be happy to compare the two if you want to throw in an all-expense-paid trip to your state. If not, you admit Colorado is automatically the winner.


Reason #6 to move to Colorado: Red Rocks. Talk about a show with a view.

Reason #7 to move to Colorado: The Stanley Hotel. If it’s good enough for Stephen King to write at, it’s good enough for me. Good luck getting a reservation, but hello, most iconic real-life book setting ever!


Reason #8 to move to Colorado: If you can adapt to the lack of oxygen, you’ll feel like you’re in the best shape of your life when you go back down to sea level.

Reason #9 to move to Colorado: We have, on average, three hundred sunny days a year. Sure there might have been a blizzard earlier, or there might be a tornado coming in the afternoon. But at some point in the day there will be sun!


Reason #10 to move to Colorado: Snow. You know you want it. Maybe not when it’s up to your hips and you have to drive to work… but you’ll adjust.

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Since I like even numbers, I’m going to leave it at this for now. Plus, I could go on for days if I don’t stop now. If I haven’t convinced you, then maybe you’re just not cool enough for Colorado, or too scared to do all these remarkable things in your spare time. Either way, Colorado freaking rocks!

And Carrie, if you miss the beaches, you can always go to the sand dunes and get a small reminder of the place you left behind. It’s like a beach mountain. How cool is that?



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